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Sesy Soja
Project Manager , Government agency, International NGO, Local NGO
Toamasina, Madagascar
French speaking people, I'm a management and information system specialist with 15 years of experience in rural developement, natural ressources management and monitoring & evaluation in international NGO and local government. I'm very strong in project management. My last job with IFAD projet funded in Madagascar in Rural Income Promotion Program. Can relocate immediately.
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Area of Expertise:
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, Policy, Research, Analysis
Professional Experience:
I started my professional career as an operator in GIS for Conservation International. My role is to digitize maps, to interpret satellite images, to produce reports on the evolution of vegetation cover of a national park. Later, I served as head of monitoring and evaluation and responsible for the administration of the database project of Integrated Conservation and Development Park Zahamena, monitoring and control, training officers and controlle monitoring of the park, development of work plans and periodic reports to the government (Ministry of Water and Forestry) and donors (USAID). I joined ANGAP, an NGO responsible for the management of protected areas in Madagascar, to handle the position of head of information systems and monitoring and evaluation. Aorès a year working with the project of rural development support, I joined WCS as National Director of Makira conservation project. Our role was to create the Makira Conservation Area with the aim to provide the government with new protected area status. The work involves the delineation, research, development of the peripheral area of Makira forest of the plateau by the introduction of a carbon storage system, the rational exploitation of non-timber forest. I am currently program coordinator for the promotion of rural incomes, funded by IFAD under the Ministry of Agriculture. Our mandate is to develop an effective system to market agricultural products by the establishment of centers of market access, support for access to local financial services, support for improving the basic productive, to support the structuring of communities, land protection.
I graduated in Master of business administration, diplomacy and superior strategy. I took my 3rd cycle studies in MBA at the prestigious National Institute of Accounting Studies and Business Administration (INSCAE) in Madagascar. INSCAE a higher institut is a member of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie (AUF). Our training modules concerning the general organization of the company, the principle of management, accounting, financial management, human resource management, cost accounting, the business environment, business law, management production and supply, the quantitative management, project methodology, marketing, methodology, information, project management, taxation, management control, cash management and budgetary international management, the total quality management, the management information system, policy and strategy, change management, capital markets & international finance. My degree in diplomacy was issued jointly by the Centre for Diplomatic and Strategic Studies (CEDS) in Madagascar and France and by the "Ecole Nationale d'Administration of Madagascar". With CEDS, my training is focused on three areas: international law, international economics and international politics. In international law, we have studied the great contemporary issues and challenges of international law, the difficulties and challenges to the diplomatic law, the new international order and the new power relations and international trade, investment and transnational corporations. International economics classes covered by policies of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank, economic globalization and the changing international relations, globalization of the international economy, while the price of international politics are oriented to conflict contemporary and emerging crisis zones, the foreign policies of great powers and the role of southern countries in international relations. High-level seminars to enrich lectures CEDS, whose themes are spread over: major geopolitical areas (the Pacific to the Indian Ocean), the current international issues, international issues, the new political landscape strategic and global.My basic training revolves around the science and management information system. I have a certificate in geographic information system issued by the GDTA Toulouse France. During the internship, we discussed the basic principle of GIS, satellite imagery, project management. My EMS certificate was issued by Nigel Bauers & associate on behalf of the IRCA London. The seminar focuses on the compliance check, the total quality management.
Available for:
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    Years of Experience:
    10-15 years
    Highest Qualification:
    French, English
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