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Sahal Latif
Civil Servant , Department for Work and Pensions
Cardiff, United Kingdom
I am a Master’s Degree graduate of Global Governance who specialises in business administration, project management and community development. My objective now is to utilise my academic knowledge and practical experience to progress in a professional social infrastructure and development environment.
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Area of Expertise:
  • Government, Governance, Reforms
Professional Experience:
My primary responsibility is to facilitate the role of Key Worker to provide career coaching to vulnerable young people throughout the Vale of Glamorgan. My duties include, but are not exclusive to:

Providing bespoke support and advice to young people living with a variety of complex situations including homelessness, asylum seekers, mental ill health, domestic violence and suicidal tendencies

Leading the duties of the team to provide welfare services in remote areas

Facilitating the role of Construction Lead to work closely with Contractors and Developers and match them with young job seekers seeking apprenticeships, work experience and permanent roles

Collaborating with government and private organisation stakeholders to promote the “Kickstart” scheme to secure jobs for young people

Training new Work Coaches to ensure they can effectively deliver Universal Credit (UC) services

Managing the CWTCH (cuddle) programme to devise staff events and enhance staff morale and wellbeing

Collaborating in the delivery of high profile projects and initiatives

Nominated and shortlisted as a finalist for the Civil Service Leadership Award out of hundreds of people

Personally supported a Universal Credit customer during a situation where they were going to commit suicide, and talked them through their issues until the tendencies subsided

Managing the daily operations of the team to process and resolve Counter Fraud challenges

Leading the telephone interventions to assist the Serous and Organised Crime (SOC) department to investigate potential and actual fraudulent activities against UC claims

Providing the governance of over 300 Investigators to perform intricate verifications of personal details to support UC staff to efficiently process benefits payments and mitigate the risk of financial hardship

Utilising a variety of systems and software to collate data from DWP platforms and integrate into one report for the compliance and investigation officers

Developing the abilities of the staff to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to fulfil their role

Encouraging and promoting positive behaviours and accountability

Adapting SOC telephone tools to ensure of the wellbeing of all staff

Participating in the wellbeing team to support the staff with their mental health and wellbeing

Remaining self-educated in all Human Resources and DWP policies to ensure complete compliance was delivered throughout all functions

Establishing strong professional relationships with all internal and external stakeholders

Supporting senior management to create new CRCD Risk and Intervention policies

Nominated for a regional leadership award

Recognised by Senior Leaders for the support and services provided during the SOC project that protected over £1.2bil from fraudulent claims

Vital contributor in the delivery of a conference for over 500 attendees to enhance their knowledge of new policy developments and encouraging strong lines of communications at all levels.
MSc Global Governance studying:

Global Governance - CSR, City resiliency, international communication, human trafficking, anti corruption, UN sustainable development goals.
Global Ethics - Universalism, relativisim, poverty, migration, climate change, war, terrorism and humanitarian intervention
Globalisation - Economic, inequality, citizenship, environment, democracy and development.
Global & Strategic Issues in Leadership & Management - capability, resource audit, competitive positioning, macro environment and industry analysis.
New Security Challenges - Crisis simulation, mulitlateralism, intervention, counter terrorism, food security, private security, cyber security,
International Human Rights Law - European Convention on Human Rights.
Disaster Management/Planning for Disasters and Civil Contingencies - Sensemaking, decision making in crises, leadership in disaster, risk analysis, planning for civil contingencies, reflection.
Affiliations and Achievements:
In Progress – Certified Associate of Project Management (CAPM)
Project Management Institute (PMI)
First Aid 3-day course
Customer Service Specialist – Level 3

Available for:
  • Job opportunities

    Years of Experience:
    2-5 years
    Highest Qualification:
    United Kingdom
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