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Argyrios Ntinopoulos
Journalist , Lawyer , Politician
Athens, Greece
Ex-Minister, 13 years experience in politics under economic crises conditions (Greece), 15 years experience as international journalist - war correspondent , lawyer , bilingual (English , French), expert in communication , conflict resolution , crisis management , administration in high risk situations , taking difficult decisions , seeks assignments. Can relocate immediately
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Area of Expertise:
  • Communications, Media, Knowledge Management, Editor
  • Director, CEO, COP, President
  • Disaster, Aid, Emergencies, Relief
  • Government, Governance, Reforms
  • Human Rights, Law, Migration, Conflicts, Justice
Professional Experience:
I have been involved in politics for 13 years in Greece witnessing the complete spectrum of a society from the pinnacle of welfare (Olympic Games 2004) to the lowest point of a humanitarian and economical crisis.
So, after being a front line journalist ( 1985 -2003) , it was my own decision to become a front line politician as well with regular appearances in the media fighting for my political ideas.
This political leadership was exercised , however, in conditions of social turmoil with people suffering heavy pay cuts and massive layoffs.
That being said, the posts of Mayor ( 2002-2006) , Member of Parliament ( 2007-2014) and Minister of Internal Affairs (2014) , helped me shape clear skills and understanding of actively dealing with humanitarian, political, communication , media , social, security and administrative issues as well as legislative, corruption fighting , disaster and emergency matters in a period of violent, social and economical changes.
Furthermore , in my long career as war correspondent ( covering wars , revolutions , conflicts, disasters all over the world) ) , I developed the skills of working in high risk and crisis management situations.
To give an example , I took quick decisions under war conditions ( in Bosnia , Iraq, Afghanistan , to mention only few belligerent territories) when any choice could be crucial for our lives ( my own and that of my TV crew members)
Later on , as a politician , I faced dilemmas and was forced to make equally hard decisions concerning, this time, the lives of thousands of citizens.
Within six months , for instance , as a Minister of Internal Affairs, I implemented difficult reforms for the bailout of indebted municipalities with high political cost in order to keep Greece within the Euro zone.
But even from the very beginning of my political career , as a Mayor , I managed to operate effectively in everyday level. The simplest , collect the garbage and make clean the city.
This was, also, a result of hard work and equally hard decisions ( for example privatization – against Unions protests- of the city cleaning service) judged daily by the citizens.
This capacity of producing substantive results was first developed in investigating journalism and then , in the investigating committees of the Parliament , with the disclosure of various political scandals.
Hence , problems solving , decision making and delivering results, under high pressure conditions , have been the main features of my career as journalist and politician.
My law studies and , although short –term, experience in practicing law offered me the necessary infrastructure to deal with the legal aspects of all the above issues.
Thus , from being a lawyer in the court, I adapted to the profession of war correspondent and moved on to become politician and Minister of Internal Affairs
So I am in full capacity and in excellent psychological and physical conditions to adapt again myself to fi
Law under-graduate studies (4 years) in the University of Athens (Diploma in Law).

Post-graduate studies ( 1 year) in the University of Paris ( Paris 2 - Pantheon)in Economic Law.

Post-graduate studies ( 2 years) in the University of London ( UCL) ( LL.M degree)in Comparative Law.

Specialization in the legal systems of the communist countries of the time ( Marxism and Law theories)

Dissertation in the concept of the " Socialist International Law "

Affiliations and Achievements:
Duties and achievements as Minister of Internal Affairs (2014)

Supervision, coordination, financing and management of all 315 local municipalities and 13 districts of Greece (I implemented a bailout program for indebted municipalities)
Promotion of social cohesion, family planning and gender equality.
Protection and aid towards vulnerable groups of population ( I introduced a digital infrastructure program to simplify the issue of welfare benefits)
The responsibility for emergency management, conduct of elections, public administration, and immigration matters.
Implementation of European Laws regarding asylum.
The infrastructure development for the reception of migrants.
Execution of International and European financing and development planning programs for all local communities.
The development and passing of specific legislation for all the above matters ( such as the law which I introduced against corruption in the Greek political parties)

Duties and achievements as Member of the Greek Parliament ( 2007-2014)

Serving the constituency of Athens (more than two million constituents).
My political activity as MP includes , among others :
Introduction of proposals in order to assist vulnerable social groups.
Disclosures of the scandal regarding the purchasing of military submarines by the Ministry of Defense.
Thorough research and presentation of documents revealing the financial excesses in the prices of military shipbuilding.
Oral and written questions regarding the financial excesses and misuse of funds in OPAP (Greek Organization of Football Prognostics).
Presentation of documents regarding mistreatment of public funds provided by the Net Stable Funding Ratio (European Funds).

Duties and achievements as Mayor of Vrilissia ( municipality in the district of Athens) ( 2002-2006)

Providing community leadership.
Managing the operations of city government.
Informing residents on the progress and future outlook of the city.
Protecting the natural and urban environment.
Appointing administrative personnel.
Managing the city’s financial operations.
Protecting the welfare of the city and its inhabitants.
Declaring local emergencies.
Transformation of the town center from a traffic congested into a traffic-free area.
Creation of three new municipal parks, two sports/youth centers and various pedestrian areas.
Utilization of solar energy for lighting the town center.
Creation of a network of municipal/public transportation.
Construction of two primary school buildings.
Creation of nursing home services for the elder

Achievements as journalist-war correspondent ( 1985-2003)

The following are some of the major international events which I covered

-The collapse of the communist regime in Romania (December 1989)
-The Gulf war (from January to March 1991)
-The wars in Ex-Yugoslavia (from 1991 to 2001), i.e. war reports from Slovenia, Croatia (bombardment of Vukovar), Bosnia (siege of Sarajevo) , Serbia (bombardment of Belgrade by NATO forces, meltdown of Milocevic regime), Kosovo (bombardment of Pristina), FYROM (ethnic clashes between Albanians and Serbs).
-The coup against Mikhail Gorbachev in Ex-Soviet Union (August 1991).
-Baghdad bombardment by USA forces (June 1993).
-Rebellion of Zapatistas against Mexican government (January 1994).
-Civil War and famine in Rwanda (August 1994).
-Albanian riots (1997).
-Deathly Earthquakes in Armenia (1988), Turkey (1991 and 1999), Egypt (1992), India (1993).
-War in Afghanistan (2001).
-War in Iraq (2003).

Available for:
  • Job opportunities

    Years of Experience:
    More than 20 years
    Highest Qualification:
    English, French, Greek
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