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Angana Chatterji
Research Co-chair , Academic
San Francisco, United States
Human rights and conflict resolution expert seeking short or long term assignment. Over 20 years of experience in India, including Kashmir, Odisha, West Bengal, in 250 villages, with research, policy, planning, advocacy, development. Additional expertise: Minorities, Gender, Refugees; Rural/Urban Development; Cultural Survival; Community Forest Management; Livelihood Security.
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Area of Expertise:
  • Human Rights, Law, Migration, Conflicts, Justice
Professional Experience:
* Co-chair, Research Project, Armed Conflict and People’s Rights, University of California at Berkeley: April 2012 - continuing. The project will develop policy and technical protocols for protecting people’s rights in situations of internal armed conflict, focusing on India. The project will define provisions for transitional and transformative justice, and address issues governing the conduct of armed operations (by armed forces, paramilitary, police, and non-state armed groups), people’s rights and humanitarian considerations during and after conflict, and holding all parties to the conflict accountable, including through ensuring legal justice.

* Co-founder and Co-convener, International People’s Tribunal on Human Rights and Justice in Kashmir, Kashmir and San Francisco: April 2008 - continuing. The first such civil society-based effort in Kashmir, an ongoing conflict zone, the Tribunal has investigated involuntary disappearances, gendered and sexualized violences, torture, and extrajudicial killings, and state and group violence. The Tribunal’s work on unmarked and unidentified graves lead to their first formal acknowledgement by state institutions.

* Co-convener, People’s Tribunal on Religious Freedom and Human Rights in Orissa; January 2005 - October 2006. Investigated social and gender-based violence in Orissa, and criminal activity and human rights violations by Hindu right-wing organizations.
Documented socioeconomic conditions of disenfranchised groups and religious and social minorities, such as Adivasis (indigenous peoples), Dalits (erstwhile “untouchable” groups), Christians, Sikhs, and Muslims.

* Expert Testimony:
(2012, March.) Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, Washington, D.C.
(2011, September). State Legislative Assembly, Government of Jammu and Kashmir.
(2011, August). State Human Rights Commission, Government of Jammu and Kashmir.
(2010, June). United Kingdom Parliament’s All Party Parliamentary Group on Kashmir, House of Lords, Westminster, London, United Kingdom.
(2010, April). The Second World Congress on Psychosocial Work in the Exhumation Process, the Search for the Disappeared, and the Struggle for Truth and Justice, Bogotá, Colombia.
(2010, March). United Nations Human Rights Council, Geneva.
(2008, December). United States Congressional Task Force on International Religious Freedom, Washington, D.C.
(2008, July). European Parliament Subcommittee on Human Rights, Brussels, Belgium.

* Teaching:
Faculty, Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco: 1997-2011:
Professor: Fall 2009 - Fall 2011; Associate Professor: Fall 2000 - Spring 2009; Interim Program Director/Department Chair: Spring 2008; Adjunct and Visiting Assistant Professor: Spring 1997 - Spring 2000.
Shaped M.A. and doctoral curricula in postcolonial anthropology.

* Research Director, Asia Forest Network, Berkeley:
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.
Master of Arts in Political Science.
Doctor of Philosophy in the Humanities(specialization in Social and Cultural Anthropology).
Affiliations and Achievements:
Board of Directors and Advisory Boards (selected):
• 2010 - continuing Advisory Board, Kashmir Initiative, Carr Center for Human Rights
Policy, Kennedy School, Harvard University.
• 2005 - continuing Executive Committee, Vasundhara, Orissa, India.
• 2005 - 2008 Advisory Board, The Green Institute, Washington D.C.
• 2001 - 2006 Board of Directors, International Rivers Network, Berkeley, California. Also served as Board Vice-Chair.
• 2000 - 2002 Board of Directors, Community Forestry International, Santa Barbara, California. Also served as Board Chair.
• 1999 - 2004 Board of Directors, Earth Island Institute, San Francisco, California.

Media Coverage (selected):
Work, including mentions of research and advocacy, and coverage of interviews and press conferences held, has appeared in print and in electronic media, and has been featured on film and television, including in the New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Guardian, Independent, Boston Globe, Associated Press, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Daily Beast, London Review of Books, New York Review of Books, Huffington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Times, USA Today, Times of India, The Hindu, Indian Express, Hindustan Times, Asian Age, The Telegraph, Economic Times, Financial Times, The National, Zee News, Greater Kashmir, Kashmir Observer, Kashmir Times, Rising Kashmir, Tehelka Magazine, Economic and Political Weekly, China Post, Z-Mag, Dissident Voice, Outlook Magazine, and on KPFA, NPR, BBC, ABC, VOA, MTV-Global, Al-Jazeera, Radio France, Radio Adelaide, and CUNY-TV.

Publications (selected):

Angana P. Chatterji, Land and Justice: The Struggle for Cultural Survival in Orissa (Forthcoming 2012).
Angana P. Chatterji & Lubna Nazir Chaudhry (eds.), Contesting Nation: Gendered Violence in South Asia. Notes on the Postcolonial Present (New Delhi: Zubaan Books, June 2012).
Angana P. Chatterji, Violent Gods: Hindu Nationalism in India’s Present; Narratives from Orissa (New Delhi: Three Essays Collective Press, 2009, Reprint 2010).
Tariq Ali, Hilal Bhat, Angana P. Chatterji, Pankaj Mishra, & Arundhati Roy, Kashmir (London: Verso Books, London, 2011), Co-contributed Anthology.
Angana P. Chatterji & Shabnam Hashmi (eds.), Dark Leaves of the Present (New Delhi: Anhad, 2005).

Journal Issue and Research Monographs:
Angana P. Chatterji & Lubna Nazir Chaudhry (Guest Editors), “Gendered Violence in South Asia: Nation and Community in the Postcolonial Present,” Cultural Dynamics: Theory Cross-Cultures, 16 (2/3), Special double issue (Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications, 2004).
Mark Poffenberger, Angana P. Chatterji & Alison Schwarz (eds.), Participatory Inventorying, Planning and Monitoring Tools for Joint Forest Management (Berkeley: Asia Forest Network, 1997).
Angana P. Chatterji, Community Forest Management in Arabari: Understanding Socioeconomic and Subsistence Issues (New Delhi: Society for Promotion of Wastelands Development and Ford Foundation, 1996).

Assistance With Book Project:
Walter Fernandes, assisted by Sandhya Singh & Angana Chatterji, Women’s Status in the Delhi Bastis: Urbanization, Economic Forces, and Voluntary Organizations. A report of a study of ten slums (New Delhi: Indian Social Institute, 1990).

Angana P. Chatterji & Parvez Imroz et al., Buried Evidence: Unknown, Unmarked, and Mass Graves in Kashmir (Srinagar: International People’s Tribunal on Human Rights and Justice in Kashmir, 2009).
Angana P. Chatterji & Mihir Desai (eds.), Communalism in Orissa (Mumbai: Indian People’s Tribunal, 2006).
Angana P. Chatterji & Harsh Mander, Without Land or Livelihood. The Indira Sagar Dam: State Accountability and Rehabilitation Issues (New Delhi: Center for Equity Studies, 2004).
Angana P. Chatterji, Toward An Ecology of Hope: Community and Joint Forest Management; Initiatives, Conflicts, Alliances in

Available for:
  • Consulting assignments
  • Job opportunities
  • Internships / Fellowships

    Years of Experience:
    More than 20 years
    Highest Qualification:
    English, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu
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