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Shaily Shukla
, Study Hall Educational Foundation ,LUCKNOW
Lucknow, India
Along with an advanced university degree in education ,I am fluent in English as per your job description and have the enthusiasm and determination for the challenging opportunity.
As an experienced teacher in primary education for 16 years in a school which is imparting education for creating creative and innovative thinkers and lifelong learners which integrates in its main stream education ,children with special needs and also under privileged girls coming from economically poor backgroun
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Area of Expertise:
  • Social, Education, Gender, Youth, Child
Professional Experience:
β€œIt is very important that the children realize there are people in the world, who have enough concern in their hearts to contribute towards their well-being. It is most important that a child grows up with this trust in humanity.β€œ
– Sadhguru
Having being in the line of education for the last 16 years and teaching in a school which is very different from the run of the mill schools every where in the country which promotes free and independent thinking and learning , where the junior school was devoid of text books and learning happened in a carefree environment. At Study Hall We Believe That..... 'Children are unique, powerful, important persons, worthy of our respect. They have a right to enjoy their childhood, which is an important phase of their lives and deserves to be understood respectfully rather than treated simply as a preparation for adulthood.' With these values I enjoyed each moment of my teaching and now want to spread its pedagogy .Our school also catered education to underprivileged girls coming from economically poor backgrounds. These girls come from the neighboring slums and communities and being compelled by their circumstances, most of them work in houses as domestic helpers. All girls at Prerna have scary and inspiring stories. These girls have brutal home lives. Lives that are hard, violent, abusive, powerless and very poor. Many of these girls are not touched at home, except to be beaten. Their fault is being female, lower caste and poor. Not much further you can fall in the universal power ladder. They have no control over their lives, their earnings and their bodies. Yet they engage in their studies, come to school regularly and put in the work they need to do. These girls have access to the same infrastructure and facilities as the Study Hall children. This is their hope to get a new life... to fulfill a dream that they have dared to have. DOSTI an integrated program for children with special needs. It presently imparts education to physically and mentally challenged children. At DOSTI we provide special services to these children keeping in mind their all round development and growth.
Dealing with primary students ,and exposure to these children has made me realize to aim at raising the standard of education and literacy .In all these years of my learning I firmly believe that education is about enlarging a child's horizons, not about giving ready-made answers, but about nurturing an active intelligence which constantly searches and seeks and looks at everything in every possible way. And above all, it is for a child to know the joy of wondering about life. To keep that enthusiasm up, to keep that inquisitiveness up, that longing to know -- that is the job of the teacher; knowing is the child's job. Education is not about moulding children the way you think they should be. Education is about organizing the natural longing in a human being to know

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I count mys
February 2013- May 2013 Harvard Graduate School Of Education
Teaching For Understanding
2008 B. Ed IGNOU New Delhi
2001 NTT -Nursery Teachers Training New Delhi
1996 B.A -lucknow university
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    15-20 years
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