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Ackim Phiri
Currently Searching , Zuid Holland
The Hague, Netherlands
A top-performing, proactive Project Manager credited with combining tactical analysis, resourcefulness and problem solving expertise to deliver substantial project growth in highly competitive situations. Extensive proficiency in dialogue, fostering partnerships, and networking expertise. Highly accomplished in working in diverse environments while implementing positive, assured results.
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Area of Expertise:
  • Administration, Management, Accounting/Finance, Procurement
  • Capacity Building, Training, Advocacy, Political
  • Director, CEO, COP, President
  • Disaster, Aid, Emergencies, Relief
  • Social, Education, Gender, Youth, Child
Professional Experience:
Hope and Comfort Foundation

Programs Director
January 2014 to Present

1. Provides organizational leadership and advisement through the organization of the board of directors, officers, and committee meetings and providing effective personnel evaluations and staff development.

2. Formulates and oversees all policies and procedures through understanding and improving the insight of program planning and evaluation.

3. Reviews and improves both organization and program reports while implementing financial management, including insight of the annual budget and cutting all overhead costs by reducing non-productivity.

4. Promote the organization through mass media, social media, and print media in order to execute annual Fundraising and outreach for the company.


1. Provided web development for the HCF while developing operational manuals and reviewing procedures.

2. Planned and managed projects through Logical Framework approach, and successfully increased clientele and community involvement.

3. Held several of fundraising activities including project proposal writing.

TEVET Authority (Secretariat)

Senior MIS Specialist
March to November 2013

1. Conducted extensive research with teams to gather labor market information while actively and effectively managing and coordinating research teams.

2. Conducted project research while setting up standard operating procedures and writing immaculate reports and accounting for program activities.

Acting Head of Training Programs

1. Developed program documents, policies and procedures through conceptualizing and managing major projects and developing and maintaining linkages with donors and other key stakeholders.

2. Planned and budgeted for departmental activities, while evaluating the financial consequences of the activities and prepared budget estimates through securing funding for new and old programs through lobbying and program proposals.

3. Coordinated all national training programs, resulting in the creation and delegation of a recruitment program for staff in all regions of the program.


1. Responsible for executing various management-based tasks such as: holding subcommittee meetings of the Board, maintaining linkages and contact with various stakeholders, achieving the participation of vulnerable groups in program activities, and following up on clients to determine service success and satisfaction.

Training Programs Specialist
2003 – 2013

1. Developed upgrader courses for trainers and engaged them with the industry.

2 .Managed office operations and financial documents handling and processing or share with others while delegating multiple team’s coordination and linkages for better results and an increase in productivity.

3. Recruited and hired trainees and coordinated their pl
1. Masters in International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid (2015)

a.The international legal framework

b.The origins of current Humanitarianism, the creation of the Red Cross and International Humanitarian Law

c.Gender and cross cutting approaches

d.Film Forum: The Yugoslav Wars

e.Ethics in humanitarian work and in development cooperation

f.Let's talk about solidarity and cooperation

g.The genocide in Rwanda

h.The Millennium Development Goals in Development Projects

i.Disasters and risk management

j.Project Management I: Logical Framework Approach

k.Project Management II: Project Management and Implementation

l.Project Management III: Missions and Offices in the field

m.Sectors of Humanitarian Intervention, the Sphere Project and the UNHCR Emergency Manual

2. Master of Business Administration (MBA) (2013)

a. Business in a Global Arena,

b. Environmental Management for Business,

c. Financial Management (Corporate Finance),

d.Managerial Economics,

e. Finance in International Markets,

f. Financial Accounting,

g. Gender in Management,

h. General Management,

i. Global Corporate Strategy,

j. Global Supply Chain Management,

k. Innovation and New Business Ventures,

l. Leading Change in Multinationals(Corporate level),

m. Management Accounting,

n. Managing Cultural Diversity,

0. Marketing in a Global Context,

p. Public Policy Formulation and Analysis,

q. Research Methods and Business Statistics

3. Post Graduate Certificate in Vocational Management Learning 2013 @ Chisholm Institute, Melbourne. Australia

Educational Policy, Strategic Planning, Financial Management, Human Resource Development and Practice, Quality Systems, Marketing & Branding, Managing Change, Mitigation against Corruption, Building educational Professionalism, Curriculum Design and Development, Delivery Strategies, Assessment Processes and tools, Teacher Training and Qualifications, Student Management and Support, Engaging disadvantaged and disengaged students, Engaging with industry, Training Needs Analysis, Vocational Competency and Currency of teachers, Workplace training (RTOs), Industry Training Models; apprenticeship, Traineeship, Graduate Placement, Group Training, Cadetships, Industry standard programs and infrastructure
Level 7 but Level 8 of the Australian Qualifications Frame Work

4. Bachelor’s Degree in Education 2000 @ University of Malawi, Chancellor College.

Advanced Mathematics, Cartography, Chemistry, Curriculum Development, Demography, Educational Administration, Educational Foundations, Geography, History of Educational Thought, Instructional Media and Technology, Special Needs or Inclusive Education, Language and Communication Skills, Measurement, Testing and Evaluation, Philosophy of Education, Physics, Psychology of Education, Remote Sensing and Survey, Sociology of Education
Available for:
  • Consulting assignments
  • Job opportunities
  • Being headhunted – make me an offer

    Years of Experience:
    10-15 years
    Highest Qualification:
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